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Songs for a Sinister Woman by Tears of the Moosechaser
Mesquite Treason Mouth of Ash
Bram Urban

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As an active composer and performer Kyle Blanton Ross specializes in a personalized style of Digital Musique Concrete combining everyday sounds twisted with acoustic instruments, synthesizers, Robotic glitch/noise and his voice. Ross primarily composes for Animators, dancers, film makers, and Sound-Art installations. He has released several independent releases and plays an integral role in Relec Multimedia attempting to combine various forms of art.
Compositions span from ambience to jagged edged buffer butchery while blending in folk and neo classical elements, Performances include group improvisations with acoustic players, solo computer performances, and Non computer based singer songwriter / instrumental music.
He graduated with a BFA in Multi-focus Music Technologies from California Institute of the Arts concentrating on the interaction of audio with other mediums, and creating custom software and controllers to test the boundaries of sound manipulation.

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